Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weird dream

I had a really weird dream last night. It was about a world where people raced highlighters, like, giant flying ones. And I was a highlighter racer, and so were a bunch of other people, including (as I will call them) angry guy, repeatitive french guy, evil guy, and sarcastic guy. Angry guy was on my side, French, Evil, and Sarcastic weren't.
So basically I was trying to win the highlighter racing championship, and Angry guy was on my team, along with some other people. He was very angry, but he was nice none the less. But another team was after the prize (which was very important, though I can't remember what it was now) and they weren't going to let us win. So of course, they cheated. It wasn't cartoon cheating, it was remove-the-fuel-so-they-crash cheating. So some of the people on my team died. In fact, a lot of them died, until only me and Angry guy were left. And of course, manager dude, but he doesn't count cause all he did was freak out.
So we were in the finals, and manager dude was freaking out and angry guy was yelling at him, and the three bad guys that I remember came up and started talking to us. They told us that they'd rigged the stadium to blow up so we'd better lose. Angry guy was angry about this, and manager dude freaked out, and then the race started. Unfortunately for them, they messed up on sabotaging our highlighters, and sabotaged their own. So they were flying in odd little circles and hops and it was pretty funny, cause Sarcastic and Evil managed to land, but French was still in the air. Sarcastic said something about "Well this turned out well" and Evil said something nasty and then French said, and I quote, "Ze place, Ze place, et will blow!" So then they were freaking out and somehow angry guy had somehow saved all the people in the stadium, and then they crashed and the bomb blew up but nothing bad happened. So then we were trying to finish the race and we were almost to the finish line (the race was still important cause sarcastic and evil guy didn't crash) and I woke up.
I'm pretty sure angry guy won, though.

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Brian said...

sweet dream, Amanda. Sounds like Oban!