Monday, January 08, 2007

Bubble Dragons

No dragon wants to be a bubble dragon. In fact, any dragon, no matter how evil or merciless, will go far out of their way to express just how glad they are not to be a bubble dragon. It's not like being a miffic, as they prefer to be called, is all that bad. They have plenty of food, and there's plenty of places for them to nest, and more than enough entertainment, as they are very small (for dragons) and enjoy messing with humans. And no creature wouldn't envy their irridescent blue scales and transparent, gauze-like wings that seem more than a cape than anything, and their brilliant green eyes can often be seen peering out from treasure chests or vaults of gold pieces. They can even teleport. But the thing that makes dragons want desperately not to be a miffic is not the size, not the comparative weakness or even the inability to devour humans whole. It's the fact that instead of breathing fire, bubble dragons breath bubbles, and no self respecting dragon would ever be happy with that.

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Patrick said...

I'm curious, where do you find these things (in your mind or other wise)?

Because I'm torn between laughing and staring blankly trying to figure out the answer to my question. I think I'll just laugh!