Monday, January 22, 2007

Things that you probably shouldn't try.

Anyone who's been around me for more than five minutes probably knows that I have a history of not so good ideas, such as playing with electricity and knitting needles, or setting my hair on fire. So over time, I've begun to compile a list of things that you probably shouldn't try, mainly because they involve pain or other less-than-ideal circumstances. Here's a few of them.

Don't shoot a water rocket off beneath power lines.

Never walk into a head-height electric fence.

Don't apply nail polish to your elbows.

Don't eat straight hoisen sauce.

Never eat a quarter.

Sandpaper is not intended for use on skin.

Don't burn pencils.

Lip gloss and lego people are not a good combination.

Nail polish remover melts Barbies.

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