Sunday, January 20, 2008


The problem with technology getting smaller is that it is simultaneously getting more expensive and easier to lose.
Take my iPod for example. It cost about $200 for 80 gigs. Not long ago, that thing would have been the size of a computer. Not very portable, but on the plus side, pretty easy to keep track of. As it is, I think I spend more time looking for the dumb thing than I do using it.
Another example: my cell phone. Don't know how much that cost, but that doesn't keep me from losing it every three days, just as soon as it runs out of battery. Again, I spend more time looking for it than I spend using it.
Now, I know that an iPod that you couldn't take with you would be about as useless as a cell phone tied to a wall, but an iPod you can't take with you is more useful than an iPod you can't find. A cell phone you can't find is pretty much useless too.
Maybe I should just get organized or something.

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