Monday, February 11, 2008

Serial Killer Dream

Ok, so last week I had a dream about a guy who somehow became a serial killer. I think it was because he was tortured, but it had something to do with water. He was convinced that "Life is the Deception." He only used his hands to kill people, and sometimes rope, and he never killed them while they were still conscious. And he always killed people in shallow water. Anyway, most of the time he wasn't aware that he was a serial killer. He was the nicest guy you could hope to meet when he wasn't in serial killer mode.

Anyway, he tried to kill this girl, but she somehow got away and left her hands behind. This made nice-guy (no, he doesn't have a name) suspicious and he went to a house in the mountains with a lot of other people. Anyway, it turned out that some of them were killers too, though they didn't have the "Life is the Deception" thing going on. So nice guy was taking out the trash (Gatorade bottles) with two of the other killers (though he didn't know they were killers yet) when the other two flung the bottles down the hill for no good reason and ran off.

Nice guy went to pick up the bottles and found a shallow stream at the bottom of the hill. Somehow this triggered a memory and he even more strongly began to suspect that there was more to him than he remembered. Anyway, his whole life he'd seen these dvd cases with people on them but nothing in them. He finds one with one of the two that ran off on it and decides to ask him about it after he throws the gatorade bottles away. The bottles are scattered all over the hill so it takes him a while to find them all and he finds a few more dvd cases, all having people from the house on them and numbers.

Then he finally throws away the gatorade bottles and finds his way to a smaller house in the trees where he finds a dvd case with his own picture on it and the number 9. The two that ran off come in and one of them is #8, so nice guy shows him the dvd cases and #8 seems startled and demands an explanation. The other guy, #5, goes back out and other people start coming in. All of them are the killers on the empty dvd cases and one girl, #4, shows that she has a superpower, the power to shrink. (her name was Mini or something like that.)

It turns out that all of the others have a superpower, and that nice guy is the only one with the killing amnesia. Also, the girl that he tried to kill turns out to be #2, with the power to regrow body parts, so she has hands again. She hasn't killed anyone (or at least she doesn't remember it) and she confirms that nice guy does, in fact, kill people. He's quite devastated by this. So then all nine of them are wondering what nice guy's power is, and all eight look at him expectantly. But then I woke up.

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