Saturday, October 18, 2008


A Memo, from the desk of Jack:
Ok, guys, this is getting ridiculous, not to mention out of hand. I mean, I understand your logic. Don't get me wrong, it's totally logical. Yes, the thing looks like a toaster. On my face. Yes, it shoots laser beams. From the mask, on my face, over my eyes. And yes, I could understand that you say I have a toaster on my face, and that I am, therefore, shooting “toaster eye beams,” thank you captain maturity. And yes, it looks ridiculous. I know. I designed the stupid thing, I should know. All that matters to me is that it works.
This does not give you license to call me “Toasterman,” Toast face”, Toastereyebeam man” or any other variation on that theme that your little brains might spawn. My name is Jack. Call me Jack. Not “Toasterface,” not “the Toastinator.” Jack. Maybe Sir. Either one works.
This also implies that the bread thing was not funny the first time. And if I wake up one more time with bread taped to my face, any part of my person, or anything that belongs to me, so help me, I will find out who did it, and then I will fire your sorry rear end halfway to China. Because you work for me, remember that? I pay you to work for me. I sign your paycheck. And I, Jack the paycheck man with the toaster on his face, am calmly and collectedly, like a mature, reasonable adult, am asking you to STOP IT WITH THE BREAD. Also, the butter isn't funny either. So stop. You're only making yourself look stupid.
PS: If anyone gets the bright idea of jelly, so help me I will fire you TO THE MOON.

A brief exercise in not taking myself so seriously. Enjoy.


Ivy said...

"Thank you, captain maturity."

Have I mentioned lately that I love your random stuff? Because it's true.

This made my day; your classic narration style always makes me smile. Thank you not only for posting it, but linking me to your blog for like the zillionth time :P

Anonymous said...

For the record, you should take yourself less seriously more often! Good laugh ^^

Danda said...

*dies laughing* Just like Ivy, my day is made. Congrats on a hilarious story :D