Friday, June 02, 2006

Sunset (Poem)

The sun has set in clouds asunder

The moon regrets to rise from slumber

And the peak’s a shade of umber

I will never soon forget.

Golden eagles swoop and soar

High above the valley floor

Rising upwards more and more

Far beyond the treetop's net

Reds and yellows cross the skies

And seem to dance before my eyes

Above the birds with trilling cries

Who themselves these skies have met.

The final beams of brilliant light

That come before the starry night

Color clouds like children’s kites

And now at last the sun has set


Dana said...

I really like that! It sends off a nice...mood, if you could call it that. Short, but length doesn't matter when it's good!

Arya Svit-kona said...

hooray for poems that aren't depressing!