Saturday, June 10, 2006

Justice League returns in all it's unruined by horrible plot twists glory!

That's right, folks, Justice League, greatest tv show in the history of ever, is back, and they're showing the good episodes again! That's right, the good ones, with the theme song done on the violin instead of the electric guitar, the government not out to destroy them all (most of the time), and the original space station before it got exploded! And the giant robots actually have motivation, and it's not just a "who's in love with who" festival, and the dialouge actually works! Thank you Boomerang for showing actual good taste in what episodes to show! The 48 of Justice League are so much way better than the 52 of Justice League Unlikeable! (Ok, so it's really called Justice League Unlimited, but unlikeable is the best insult I can think of right now. I'm hyper.)
Anyway, not only is it airing on tv again, the first episode that they showed was In Darkest Night, which was the first episode of Justice League I ever saw! Major deja vu! The only thing missing they could have done cooler would have been if I'd seen it on May 12, my Justice-versery! (The day I first saw it. And first became obsessed.)
I'd forgotten a lot of the really really great stuff in the show, actually. that's what happens when you don't see it for over a year... Like the background music? Wow. I'd totally forgotten it. And the space shots? They actually look like space. Think that's amazing? Look at any other cartoon. I totally don't know how I've been watching other cartoons all this time... JUSTICE ROCKS!

Ok, I just realized that I sound kinda like Sarah when she's hyper.

Calming down now.

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I can't belive that you keep track of those dates though... ::is creeped out by his own sister::