Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Predawn Warning

“Oi, what do you want now?” Sajan grumbled, trying to grab the blanket back. “It's early! And it's your watch, you stupid thing!”
The dragon snorted, sending scorching hot air across his exposed skin. Ryven flipped him over with an immense closed forepaw, very deliberately reminding the man how much larger Ryven was than himself. He stared upwards in surprise at the glaring blue eyes that glinted in the predawn light.
“Ok then.” He sat up, and the dragon backed off a bit. “What?”
Ryven turned his head away, gesturing down the slope of the hill. The musician followed his gaze, then looked back at the dragon.
“...It's a hill.”
The dragon snorted again, making the tips of his messy hair sizzle.
“Ok, fine, I'll go look.” Sajan stood quietly, glancing over at where K slept curled up near where dragon's chest had rested. “Stupid dragon,” he muttered. “Too early for this.”
He trudged on down the hill, being forcibly shoved by the dragon following close behind him whenever he started to stop. He finally reached the bottom, and looked up at the dragon expectantly.
“Well, nothing here. Small trees, grass and shrubbery, just like... Oh.” He caught sight of the hill above them that they'd just passed over, all the way from the campsite down.
Thin patterns had been burned into the shrubbery, hardly noticeable from any other angle. They stretched all up and down the hill, very clearly fresh. He stared for a moment, trying to make sense of them, before the dragon glanced down at him, and seeing his confusion, picked him up by the back of his shirt, dragged him twenty feet to the left, and deposited him unceremoniously on the ground. He considered protesting this before he noticed that from this angle, the burned patterns looked to form letters.
Stay. Away. From. Her.
He stared a moment longer, then glanced up at the dragon. “....Right.”
He could have sworn the dragon was smiling.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I love this dragon. Nobody really ever gives dragons much of attitude, so this take on it is fresh and funny. Nice work.

...But now I'm worried about that warning...