Monday, March 16, 2009

An Ode to the School Cafetera

Chemical science
is what I'm here to learn
but quite what I'm eating
I still can't discern.

I just want to eat
(and learn chemical science)
but not while my food's
staring back in defiance.

I would like food
that's not overcooked.
That tastes like it should
and not how it looks.

And speaking of looks,
can you make it look nice?
Or just slightly better
than vomit on rice?

And speaking of vomit,
can you please fix the smell?
The odor resembles
the bowels of hell.

Now don't get me wrong here,
sometime it's good.
But mostly the meat
has the texture of wood

And gravy's ok,
in smaller amounts,
but when my food's swimming,
this time doesn't count.

And can you not fry it?
Just once? For me?
I just want to live
till I graduate, maybe.

And when I graduate
(If I'm still alive,)
And I manage to live
till I'm seventy-five

I guarantee
that I'll warn my grandkids
“Just don't eat at the caf!
Like poor Grandma did.”


ivy said...

...I feel the sudden need to send you home-made cookies.

And lasagna. And anything else I can fit into a tupperware container.

That being said, this makes me laugh. Things are always funnier when they're true.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain, in this instance, it's more horrifying because it's true! ._.

Also, as Brian informs me there is no poetry related activies at JBU, you should organize a poetry reading and read this ^^

Danda said...

*chuckles uncontrollably*

I agree with Ivy. A care package may be in order.