Sunday, December 07, 2008

Emotions suck

Emotions. Yay.
On a related note, I hate/love/loath/need you all, so go away but don't leave me and shut up and talk to me.
To anyone who may be offended by my wanton drama-queening, I'm sorry. Once I turn into a robot, I can guarantee it won't happen again.


Dana said...

How soon is that robot thing happening? :P

Just kidding. Yeah, emotions are all out of wack for everyone tonight. In any case, I'll be praying for you (and everyone) to feel better.

It's just a weird night. I'm starting to seriously consider that solar flare concept.

Anonymous said...

Hormones are too coolest stupid things ever!

Also, plz 2 not turn emo =[

Also, if the above is not an option, would you like ot help me steal the US's supply of nukes to use to destablize the Earth's crust/core?

Also, has a song

Also, I'm not sure about the solar flares after looking at but there is a large solar prominence going on. Apparently the germans can see it!

Also, interesting news about a meteor over Colorado Springs ^^

Also, I have nothing more to talk about, I don't think.