Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The River and the Tree

Once upon a long ago

A tree did stem the rivers flow

“Hey,” said river, deep and wide

“You there, the tree, have you no pride?

Why must you fall between my banks?

Why not get chopped up into planks?

At least then you would help someone.”

“But sir,” said tree, “That'd be no fun!

To be chopped up and torn apart?

To feel the axe-blade pierce my heart?

I'd rather stay and chat with you,

Twixt earth of brown and sky of blue.”

“Well, that's all well and good, I see,

But kindly spare a thought for me.

I'd like to move on down and flow

through countryside to ocean low.

And you, you're in my way, you see.

So kindly move, you stubborn tree!”

“Stubborn? Me? Never, my friend!

But I am one who can depend

upon myself to save my life

through burning fire and bitter strife.

I have grown strong through years, you see.

So you won't move this grand old tree.”

“Well then,” said river, patiently,

“If I can't move some ancient tree,

We'll see who's wrong. We'll see, we'll see.”

Three days went by, morning and night

River and tree kept up their fight

But soon a woodsman came along

and said “Why look, a tree so strong

would build a mighty house for me.”

“You see?” said tree, “Now do you see?

I'm strong, I'm strong, that's what he said.”

“That brings you joy? You'll soon be dead!”

“I'll what?” said tree in great surprise.

“Quit your stories, quit your lies!

A woodsman so sure and wise as he

would never think to kill this tree.”

The tree was wrong, the river right,

And that was the end of their three-day fight.

The river flowed unto the sea,

The woodsman lived quite happily,

and we won't mention what happened to the tree.

Hey! I wrote a random poem and decided to post it. I don't know if there's a moral or anything, but hey. It's got rivers, woodsmen, and trees. There's gotta be a moral in there somewhere.

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Sarah said...

well amanda the moral is not to be stubborn, but to be patient and persistent and you will find a way. That is what teachers at cscs has taught me at least. Find a non-existant moral in everything!!!!!!!!!