Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whitewater Rafting!

Note to self: Don't go whitewater rafting with unsecured glasses.
Another note to self: Forget first note, you lost them already.

I'd better explain that. See, I was whitewater rafting with my girl scout troop. Perfectly normal activity; we do it every year. However, this year the water was way higher than it usually is, so it was a bit more exciting. We had just passed one of the big rapids when we saw the boat my brother was in (he's not in my girl scout troop, by the way, but he was there) stuck on a really big rock.
My natural tendancy would be to avoid the rock, but apparently we had to rescue the other boat. And by rescue, I mean run into as fast as possible and hope not to get stuck ourselves.
Guess what?
It didn't work!
Our boat not only got stuck on the rock, it highsided (think wheelie, but sideways) so we all had to climb to the high side (name explained!) in hopes of the boat going back into the river and us not falling out. The boat didn't go back into the river, but instead filled with water and sank. I almost made it into the other boat (which was still stuck on the rock, and only got pushed further up by our rescue attempt) but failed miserably.
So I fell in the water, and my glasses got sucked off by the current while I was actually under our mostly-sunken boat. I noticed they were gone, but I couldn't look for them because of one very important reason: breathing. So I swam towards the light, also known as the surface. Then I sat in the water until I could swim ashore, and waited with my friend Sara (who also fell out of the boat) for the boat to come and get us. I still had my paddle, though. She didn't.
So our guide came in our now-unsunken boat, and we were the only ones not in the other boat
so I got to help paddle the thing until we could pull it ashore somewhere and everyone else could get back in.
I was pretty much blind for the rest of the trip though. I think I saw a unicorn, but no one else saw it, so I'm probably wrong.